Who is going to win it all in 2016?  That’s the question on everyone’s minds as we enter the summer months.  It won’t be long until the 2016 season is here and we want to make sure you are fully ready for it.  Let’s take a look at some conference contenders and I’ll give you my free NCAA football picks on who will make the college football playoff this season.


Alabama – Looking at the latest football odds, they are the favorites to win it all and it’s easy to see why.  They don’t rebuild, they just reload.  Coming off another impressive season I just don’t see how you can rank any team above them.

LSU – This is going to be a difficult team to matchup with.  They have a very solid team returning and were just a couple of mental hiccups away from competing last year.  Les Miles got an extended deal after it looked like he might have been canned.  I think he makes the most of it.

Tennessee – A lot of people were high on Tennessee last year but I think it was just a season too early.  They have a solid recruiting class and a lot of returning talent.  I think this is the year they turn the page and get the program back on track.


Clemson – The Tigers all the way baby.  This team gave it everything they had last year but came up just a little short.  I think they will be much improved this season as a lot of studs are back.

Florida State – This is really the only team that can compete with Clemson in the ACC.  Jimbo has a solid recruiting class coming in.  They have shown they can win a national title on their own, plus made the playoffs two years ago.

Big 12

Oklahoma – I like the Sooners a lot.  This team made the playoff a year ago but came up short.  They bring back a lot of talent and Stoops always coaches his boys up.  I think the schedule plays out pretty favorably for them to win another Big 12 title.

Big Ten

Michigan – Harbaugh has really came in and put his stamp on the program.  Every other school has been put on notice.  This will be one of the most improved teams in football next year.

Ohio State – You can’t ever count them out, but Urban Myers’ team lost a lot from last year.  The Buckeyes always seem to reload, but after such a great run you have to expect a letdown at some point.


This conference might not have the best teams, but they have the deepest set of really good teams.  Here are five with a shot to win the conference.

USC – This team has been a mess since Pete Carroll left, but they might have finally turned the corner. I certainly like the recruiting class that they brought in.

Washington – Don’t sleep on the Huskies.  A lot of returning starters and if they improve it will be a team to watch out for.

UCLA – Another sleeper team.  One of the best sophomore QBs in the game, if he can take a step up the Bruins are poised to ride on his hefty shoulders.

Stanford – Christian McCaffrey is the best player in college football.  Just ask the Iowa Hawkeyes after he torched them in last year’s Rose Bowl.

Oregon – This team started off sluggish but then came on at the end of the year.  The Ducks always have talent and speed.  Hard not to like them to bounce back a little bit.


I’m going with Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, and Michigan this year.  I think the Tide beat the Wolverines, but this is the last year you can call Harbaugh and company an underdog or a Cinderella.  This is the season that cements the upcoming dynasty.



We have already taken a look at the 2016 college football predictions, now it’s time to turn our attention to the pros.  Which teams are destined to win their divisions and make the playoffs?  I’ll offer my opinions below.


I think without a doubt you have to pencil the New England Patriots in as winning the AFC East.  Sure, the Bills, Jets, and Dolphins all seem to be heading in the right direction, but until someone knocks off Brady I’m not taking any chances.

Now the AFC West is more of a toss up.  I’m going with the Kansas City Chiefs.  They weren’t far away last year, and the Denver Broncos will be taking a step down.  They have just gotten a little older and I’m not sure about the QB situation.  There is a good chance they end up with a WildCard spot though.

in the AFC North I’m taking the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I know the Bengals have came on the last five years, but Pitt is the team that year in and year out puts out a solid product and competes.  I’m going to give the Bengals the nod for the other WildCard spot though.

Last year everyone loved the Indianapolis Colts and they were a massive letdown, but I think this is the year they win the division.  Andrew Luck never seemed comfortable last year, but now that he’s healthy I think he can lead this team to a division title.

So who comes out on top?  I think the two teams to beat are Pittsburgh and New England.  However, the Patriots have had more recent success so I think another trip to the Super Bowl is in order.


The division winners are pretty clear cut to me.  If Tony Romo stays healthy then the Dallas Cowboys have a significant edge over everyone else in the NFC East.  The other three teams are going to beat each other up and end up near the .500 mark.

Out West you have two quality teams.  I think the Seahawks are a little bit better and will win the division, but the Cardinals will sneak in with the WildCard.

The NFC North has two teams clearly better than everyone else.  The Green Bay Packers are a team that everyone should watch out for.  The Minnesota Vikings are still young and improving.  Detroit and the Bears?  Not so much.

Carolina dominated the South last year and I don’t see Atlanta, New Orleans, or Tampa Bay being able to do much about it in 2016.  Will Carolina threaten a perfect season again?  Probably not, but they will win this division.

So who comes out of the NFC?  I’m giving the nod to the Green Bay Packers.  Their schedule sets up incredibly soft.  Carolina will be right there too since their division is weak and they will have a great shot at home field.

I think this is going to be a great year of football, which will end up with the Green Bay Packers winning the title over the New England Patriots.  Remember, you heard it here first!


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